Added: Samsung Galaxy Fold (2x), unknown LG

The LG LM-X220TB (and LM-X220MB) was added which I couldn’t find any online references to but the model number bears resemblance to the LG Aristo 2. The model numbers indicate T-Mobile and MetroPCS variants. No Carrier Aggregation at all.

Next is the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The SM-F900U should be one of (at least) the US variants. It is also the first device with B46 + B71 Carrier Aggregation which is kind of neat. I had trouble finding 4×4 MIMO indication – and a press release from T-Mobile had peculiar wording on the LTE Advanced capabilities (no mention of 4×4 MIMO). Compare the wording there to their Galaxy S10 press release and see the difference.

Then finally is the Samsung Galaxy Fold (International). The model SM-F900F would indicate to me an Exynos variant, but XDA says all variants will be the Snapdragon. This model does have B71 support, but no Carrier Aggregation with B71, and very very limited Carrier Aggregation on other T-Mobile LTE bands.

List of LTE B71 phones including 4×4 MIMO, 256 QAM, & Carrier Aggregation (CA) Info