Added: OnePlus 7 Pro & T-Mobile Moto G7 Play

OnePlus 7 Pro: Seems they removed 4×4 MIMO on LTE B30 (AT&T) & B41 (Sprint) for the US-based model. 4×4 MIMO is improved for T-Mobile thanks to the X50 modem; 4×4 MIMO is now possible on (2) separate mid band frequencies while Carrier Aggregating with B71.

T-Mobile Moto G7 Play: This is similar the unlocked G7 Play listed below but a document attached to the filing suggests the TMO variant will have 3GB RAM instead of 2GB that the Unlocked variant has. They also removed LTE B14, B29, B30 (AT&T).

List of LTE B71 phones including 4×4 MIMO, 256 QAM, & Carrier Aggregation (CA) Info