Added: T-Mobile Revvlry AKA Moto G7 Play/Plus

Full table of B71 phones:

The T-Mobile REVVLRY is a T-Mobile branded Moto G7 Play, but with 3GB ram. You can buy this unlocked for the same price ($200) but it has less RAM. Up to 2xCA.

The T-Mobile REVVLRY+ is a T-Mobile branded Moto G7 Plus. There is no other B71 equipped G7 Plus. Up to 3xCA.

The “Moto G7” is the only G7 phone without Band 71 on any variant.

For a spec comparison of all Moto G7’s you can reference the table here:

T-Mobile press release:

Added: Galaxy S10 5G

This FCC ID appears to cover a T-Mobile (G977T) and a Sprint (G977P) specific model. They both support 5G nr but on different frequencies. They both support LTE B71, but since previous Sprint specific models have not indicated any B71 CA support I am cautious to list support for this Sprint model.

T-Mobile (SM-G977T) version:
* Non-Standalone
* 5G nr: n260 (37-40GHz), n261 (27-28GHz) aka mmWave
* Supports 50, 100MHz wide nr channels
* LTE Anchor Bands: B2, B66

Sprint (SM-G977P) version:
* Non-Standalone
* 5G nr: n41 (2500MHz)
* Supports 20, 40, 60, 80, 100MHz wide nr channels
* LTE Anchor Bands: B41

Full table:

Added: OnePlus 7 Pro & T-Mobile Moto G7 Play

OnePlus 7 Pro: Seems they removed 4×4 MIMO on LTE B30 (AT&T) & B41 (Sprint) for the US-based model. 4×4 MIMO is improved for T-Mobile thanks to the X50 modem; 4×4 MIMO is now possible on (2) separate mid band frequencies while Carrier Aggregating with B71.

T-Mobile Moto G7 Play: This is similar the unlocked G7 Play listed below but a document attached to the filing suggests the TMO variant will have 3GB RAM instead of 2GB that the Unlocked variant has. They also removed LTE B14, B29, B30 (AT&T).

List of LTE B71 phones including 4×4 MIMO, 256 QAM, & Carrier Aggregation (CA) Info

Added: Motorola Moto G7 Plus

With an FCC ID of IHDT56XN4 and model number of XT1965-T, this device went through the FCC recently and details in the documents reveal it as a “T-Mobile” device specifically. Cross referencing the model number and IMEI’s prove this to be a Motorola G7 Plus, which was not originally announced to be launched in the US. So an interesting development.

List of LTE B71 phones including 4×4 MIMO, 256 QAM, & Carrier Aggregation (CA) Info

Added: Samsung Galaxy Fold (2x), unknown LG

The LG LM-X220TB (and LM-X220MB) was added which I couldn’t find any online references to but the model number bears resemblance to the LG Aristo 2. The model numbers indicate T-Mobile and MetroPCS variants. No Carrier Aggregation at all.

Next is the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The SM-F900U should be one of (at least) the US variants. It is also the first device with B46 + B71 Carrier Aggregation which is kind of neat. I had trouble finding 4×4 MIMO indication – and a press release from T-Mobile had peculiar wording on the LTE Advanced capabilities (no mention of 4×4 MIMO). Compare the wording there to their Galaxy S10 press release and see the difference.

Then finally is the Samsung Galaxy Fold (International). The model SM-F900F would indicate to me an Exynos variant, but XDA says all variants will be the Snapdragon. This model does have B71 support, but no Carrier Aggregation with B71, and very very limited Carrier Aggregation on other T-Mobile LTE bands.

List of LTE B71 phones including 4×4 MIMO, 256 QAM, & Carrier Aggregation (CA) Info

LG V50 ThinQ 5G Added

This LG V50 ThinQ 5G (ZNFV450PM) appears to be the Sprint model as it appears to only have CA support for LTE Bands 25,26,41. But it includes LTE B71 support, and has 5G nr on Band 41, with LTE B41 as the anchor. It supports channel widths on n41 at 40mhz & 60mhz.